Simply Hillbilly Photography: Blog en-us (C) Simply Hillbilly Photography (Simply Hillbilly Photography) Mon, 08 Jan 2024 00:02:00 GMT Mon, 08 Jan 2024 00:02:00 GMT Simply Hillbilly Photography: Blog 120 80 Kowabunga Happy 2024!  We've all made another cycle around the sun!  I'm hoping your resolutions and goals are still on track!  But if you're like me and just now getting to your goals for the years, then guuuurrrlllll I see you!.  Cheers to get to it when we get to it!  Much like this month's Magic Monday post.  

Enter Turtle Power Dude!

The girls this year decided to set the theme as TMNT...for those not 90s babies that stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Introducing Leonardo (Ella), Raphael (Nora), Michaelangelo (Sadie) and Donnatello (Abbie).  The gang can't be complete without Splinter (Earl).  Mighty thanks to Brent at Champs Sports Bar for letting us commandeer the rooftop in the off season and for grandma who always delivers on wardrobe.  

So Merry Christmas and Happy new Year from the Jacksons in a Half Shell.

Jacksons in a Half Shell Jacksons in a Half Shell Jacksons in a Half Shell Jacksons in a Half Shell Jacksons in a Half Shell Jacksons in a Half Shell



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Pre-hysterics Happy November!  If you're living any similarity to my life you're deep into full time chauffeuring, early mornings, late nights and schedule whoopsies trying to keep a modicum of self assurance that you're close to having it all together.  While I should be decompressing in a health-building way like yoga or walking...this for now zens my 3 in the morning. 

I digress...back to the subject at hand.

This little blast into the prehistoric past derived from a delicate blend of brain fog, bird hunting and desperation.  While normally my absurd creativity thrives in these moments, this is more of a bottom of the barrel project.  One completed to boost your confidence in the future by comparison.  It's great to have project barometer that let's you look back and think "well at least it's better than that time I did the dino pic".

 What started out as a dog in a field quickly morphed into a literally unbelievable discovery of a hidden world.  Mr. T-Rex was a buck that we busted while walking.  The water is a lake...minus the brachiosaurus (he was added for dramatic effects).  The volcano just looked cool and it felt very right at my desk, in the dark, soaked in insomnia.  

The clouds in the sky are just that.  Clouds.

So here's my bottom shelf...and happy Monday.

Pre-HystericsPrehistoric scene with dinosaurs and a dog and a volcano



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Winter Fire This little project came from my 14 year old who has a burning desire to doll up her baby sister, which is mostly met with a hard no from said baby sister, but on this fortuitous day the elementary stars aligned and blessings were granted. 

The eldest wanted to walk her baby sister through the seasons, gazing at their corresponding magic elements.  If you didn't know each season had a magic element, you're not alone.  Pretty sure that fact was made up on August 3rd, 2023. 

Ahem, moving on, they wanted a wishing star to fall from the night sky onto the little child.  Their versions are always subject to change based on the creators vision, time and last nerves.  Like I said, we were all feeling generous that day.

So birth to Winter Fire was born.  

I can't tell you all my secrets, but there is obviously no snow in August (thankfully) and I usually don't make it into the forest int time to capture fire-flies and meteors falling at the same time so some creative ad libbing was used. 

Winter Fire


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Backwoods Minis You guys, I am so excited about this winter's mini sessions!!

Talk about leveling-up the experience...outdoor fireplace, s'mores, furs, hot cocoa, northwoods cabin and all the greens!

These 45min sessions are held on a magical getaway in New Richmond WI.  Bring your scarves, mittens, flannels and plaids and get ready to jump start the Christmas Season AAANNNDDD get your holiday card pics taken care of!

Deets: Dec 1-3, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday afternoon timeslots.  

Cost: $375

Images: 25 High Resolution Downloadable images

Options: Digital Online Gallery

Use the button below to book your timeslot 


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The beauty of the still  

Hands down there’s nothing I enjoy more than blending into the background and capturing life’s amazing moments.  There’s so much to be told in a single still moment of life.  The beauty of expression…the love shown in a smile, the power in a touch of the hand.  

Life is so beautiful, even when there is heartbreak and turmoil, between the pain the sun shines through.

When you sit in the moment...breathe. 

Beauty comes at the end of the pause.

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Spring Spring Spring! I have been waiting for this warmer weather it seems for my WHOLE STINKIN LIFE!  Bring on the shorts and pasty white legs.  I'm ready to retire parkas and boots to the attic!  What gets me even more excited is all the great outdoor shoot opportunities that come with the Wisconsin Spring and Summer.  

We have got 2 big things coming up.  So get your calendars out and get ahold of us!

Our Mini-Sessions for Spring have just been announced.  Our past clients received their 1st pic times, so please use the following link to choose your date!   Reserve Time


Secondly for all our upcoming Seniors out there, we're accepting appointments for your Senior Portraits for the months of May and June.  Give us a shout to set up a time or if you have any questions!  

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Laporte-Turco Wedding I had the amazing privilege to witness this beautiful day for Al and Lena and their families.  Watching both families love, laugh and cry together was a strong testament to the love shared between the couple.  Congratulations you guys!  Wishing you a lifetime of joy together!

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Tis the Season



Be sure to check our social media for sneak peeks at Custom Christmas Card Designs

T I S . T H E

- season -

D E C K . T H E

- halls -



Questions? Contact us today 715-245-6224

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Spring me onto warmer Days Although it's pretty frigid and white outside, Spring is just around the corner and with the meltdown comes the time to update pictures for Mother's day!  Spring mini sessions this year are March 31.  Time slots start at 10am and sessions are a quick 20 minutes.  Email us with your preferred time and we'll get you scheduled.  Just hang in there...warmer weather is on the way!

Spring Mini Sessions

March 31, 2018


20 min-10 digital negatives-$125

[email protected]


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Friends & Family Fall Sessions

If you can believe it, we are already planning for Fall!  The summer is slipping by and it's time to get your family scheduled for pictures before the hustle and bustle of school begins.  Let me know your preferred time slot and we'll get you on the schedule.  It's first come first serve for one day only so when the slots are gone it's closed up.  (715)245-6224

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Christmas Mini Sessions: Last Call

(Simply Hillbilly Photography) Mon, 07 Nov 2016 20:42:08 GMT
Fall Session Schedules I can't believe school and Fall are around the corner!  And with that comes family picture updates.  Now is the perfect time to get those scheduled before the fall months get packed with school and extra curricular activities.  For my early birds, mention this post and receive a complimentary print with your session.​

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