Free Family Front Porch Session

With all the COVID, Safer-at-Home, Working-from-home, More-family-time-than-we-really-ever-thought-to-handle, Becoming-an-instant-teacher and lack-of-getting-out issues going on...we wanted to bring a little brightness and more seriously...a reason to get all spiffed up and put on that pair of jeans that's collecting dust in your closet!

On April 29, this coming Wednesday, SHP will be hitting the streets of New Richmond to take some good ol' fashioned Front-Porch-Sitting portraits for our friends and family.  While we would love to be able to offer this openly...we've got to keep a cap on how much wine is required for post editing!  But, we would love for you to pay this forward to ONE friend that comes to mind for you.  We are starting with 50 slots, so it is first come first serve.  This page and event is private so only yourself and a friend can access the link below.  

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The goal is to be in the following areas of New Richmond roughly at the times listed.  On Tuesday of next week you will receive an email with a more specific time so you're not stuck sitting on the porch waiting for the ice cream truck! 

We want to thank each of you for being a part of our journey these last 12 years and enjoy this gift that we hope will brighten your day.  

New Richmond

Downtown/Immaculate Conception Area: 9:30am-10:30am

East 3rd/140th/Fox Run Area: 10:30-12pm

GG/G/Waters Edge Area: 12pm-1:30pm

Farm and Home/BP Star Prairie Area: 1:30-3

Golf Course/Bass Lake Area: 3-4pm

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